Chalkidiki Weather

Chalkidiki has a typical Mediterranean climate, generally mild with limited rainfall, mild winters and cool summers that are normally very sunny.

Fluctuations are more vigorous from south to north and it is normally cooler in the mountainous regions.

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The lowest temperatures in Chalkidiki are during the winter months of December, January and February when the temperatures can often vary from 11° degrees down to 0° degrees Celsius.
The highest temperatures in Chalkidiki occur during the summer months, reaching from 18° degrees to over 30° degrees Celsius.

Temperatures below 0° degrees Celsius can be found during the winter, in some of the mountainous areas.

Average Temperatures in Chalkidiki
                 High             Low
January        9°C (48°F)       1°C (34°F)
February      11°C (51°F)       2°C (36°F)
March         14°C (57°F)       4°C (39°F)
April         19°C (66°F)       7°C (45°F)
May           24°C (76°F)      12°C (53°F)
June          29°C (84°F)      16°C (60°F)
July          31°C (88°F)      18°C (65°F)
August        31°C (87°F)      18°C (64°F)
September     27°C (81°F)      14°C (58°F)
October       21°C (70°F)      11°C (51°F)
November      15°C (59°F)       6°C (43°F)
December      11°C (51°F)       2°C (36°F)
On average...
the warmest month is July
January is the average coolest month
November is the average wettest month

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